I love how we connect, how I do not have to explain myself when I am with you. Your laughter echoes in my head, so familiar yet so distant. I am not sure what it is, but you remind me of something familiar. I am not sure how I even knew you were the one, it just felt right from the moment I set my eyes on you. I wasn’t even meant to be at that party but I am glad I went because I met you.

I met you and your wholesome self. Being around you gives me this familiar feeling…I just can’t put a finger on it. It must be a good feeling because it does not scare me. It’s that kind of sixth sense feeling that you get when you look at someone who looks like someone you know. When I am with you, my heart constantly beats faster…it’s been almost six months but it hasn’t changed….I wonder what it is that makes me feel so in tune with you, so comfortable..so familiar..

Sometimes when we argue, you have this look in your eyes.. it does not scare me nor surprise me, it’s like I’ve known you all my life. I instinctively know your mood just by hearing your footsteps…so I do what I know best… I hide and wait for you to calm down.

You order me around and I go along with whatever you say because you promise that it is for my own good.I love it that you take care of me

You’ve told me countless times that I will never get anyone like you… that you are the best and I am lucky that you even picked me. I don’t want to think of all those harsh words because I know deep down, deep deep down…you love me!!… me who cowers when you lift your arm, me who’s afraid of telling anyone how you twist my hand when in public and me who you shout at and laugh at in front of your friends…You love me because you say so…and so did my father… he loved my mother even after he broke her leg!!

Aahh that familiar feeling, you remind me of what I know so well, what I feared to become, who I feared to be with, who I’ve always loved…

You Remind Me..