In my short life, I have met all kinds of people and had all kinds of friendships. It took me longer than I am embarrassed to say, to distinguish who my people were. These are just a few of the relationships that I’ve had in the past years;

  1. Frenemy¬†– Friends that one loves to hate but hates to love. The kind of friend who is always happy to share in your misery and other people’s miseries. We all have one of those, if not, it’s YOU !!
  2. Friends with and for benefits – These are friends who are friendly when it benefits them.
  3. Part-time friends – These are friends you meet socially (for instance, clubbing) and you pretend like you are the best of friends. They always seem to know only one side of you.
  4. Lean on you friends – They come to you when life is crap for them, to cry on your shoulder and load their distress on you. You will never hear from them when the sun shines on their lives.
  5. All round friends – These are good friends in good and bad. They are always concerned and happy for you. You don’t share a close connection though.
  6. Family/Friends – They are not necessarily blood related. they are your people, your biggest fans, cheer squad, security guards and parents. They are the friends you need to have.