Hi lovelies,

So continuing from yesterday when Mr Airport asked me if I weighed up to 150 kilos…… Please go grab a glass of wine because the bullshit I have to share is just tewwwww much!!

So, I was sitting there right across from him having dinner and everything was going smoothly… I was really having a good time and I had already started picturing us as a couple… don’t judge me, you know we all do that when we think we’ve met the perfect catch!! I had already started creating my engagement speech and how it would include how we met and how we were a one in a million couple…. This guy just threw a massive rock on those dreams when he asked me how much I weighed. To tell you the truth, I can’t really remember everything he had said before and after that statement because my mind has just been zooming in to the few seconds he uttered those words.

I have tried to think what could excuse someone asking those questions because maybe… maybe he had a reason and I am over exaggerating… I don’t know but at that moment…I did not know what to do… I had a mouthful of steak and mash and I was really enjoying it…and maybe a little gravy dribbled on my top, but surely, that should not have warranted that sort of question.

I had so many emotions going through me that I was just frozen in time. The emotions were too much that this would be the perfect time to just remove my wig and walk off… (I was not wearing a wig but I wish I was because I just needed something to show my exasperation or defeat…and removing ones wig speaks more words than one could utter)

So I looked at him and asked him why he would ask such a question….his answer was more ridiculous than the question…or so I thought because I was already irritated. He replied that he did not think it was a big deal and he is open about his weight so he did not think I would mind. See what I told you in the beginning…Tewwwwww much!! Mr Airport is on the smaller side of average… I doubt if he knows what a stretch mark looks like….and definitely not a food baby!!! but here he is telling me that he has no issues being asked how much he weighs….. I mean guys, do you see where I am coming from?? I mean, how can you reference yourself in a struggle you know nothing about?

So this is what I did, I finished my meal…because it was a good steak and nothing was going to change that… and thanked him for the dinner and walked to my car. He followed me out but as I said before, I don’t remember anything that happened before and after that question..

When I got into my car, I felt like I was suffocating only to realise that I had been holding my breathe the entire time…

What a night… I had even worn spanx undies to suck my food baby in and he still asked me if I was 150 kilos!!! If I knew how the date would end, I would have just stayed home and let my jelly hang in peace, free of judgement. Mr Airport called and apologised for ‘if’ he hurt me and I accepted…. because I still did not have comebacks…NO ONE has ever rendered me speechless like this!! EVERRR

Because I am petty and I know it… I really was craving revenge… I needed that release you get when you tell someone off… you guys know what I am talking about!!

Mr Airport called me a week later to ask if I would accompany him to a party…. me, Asali who weighs up to 150 kilos!! This was my time to revenge…

Yeeeeeeeessssssss REVENGE… so I accepted his invitation


Till tomorrow guys…the story goes on!!

Much love

Asali Mukii xx