Hey Lovelies,

I was in Kenya a couple of weeks ago for the Christmas  Holidays and the experience was nothing short of magical. Every time I go back, I make a point of catching up with friends and family. Due to the times I go (low season) it is often hard to catch up with people as they are usually either working or busy at school. This time round, everyone was on leave from work and happy to catch up. I have to let you non – Kenyan readers to know that Christmas is a massive holiday in Kenya. We take it seriously!!!

Lots of people pack up and go upcountry to visit their family or stay wherever they are and party hard. I had a chance to catch up with some of my childhood friends, all of them grown up and doing amazing things. I was actually feeling like the under achiever in the group….and that’s a good thing because I am super motivated now!

Here are some photos I took while in Mombasa. I got to go with two amazing people who just made the trip all the more special. Most of the photos are scenic because I could not just get enough of how the place looked like.

Enjoy the photos !!