The bare truth is sharp, accurate and effective like a double edged sword; it cuts deep into your being and often triggers a volcano of emotions.

I have to say, it’s never an exciting moment when you are slapped by the truth especially by a close friend. Why? Because they never intend to please you or sugar coat their words, it’s the plain harsh truth. It’s harder coming from a close friend or family because you can’t dismiss them, you can’t tell them to piss off, and you can’t tell them that they know nothing about your life… know they are 99% right and that stirs your heart.

It’s almost like being stripped naked in front of a crowd of onlookers, not that it’s happened to me, but I am sure one would feel exposed, angry and upset. Even though it hurts, you swallow your pride and listen because this people are usually your lifeline. They know you better than you know yourself and often, want the best for you.

So if you get kicked in the butt or slapped on your face by the truth, it can be ugly and hurtful but definitely better than the alternative. If you find that you are the friend doing the truth telling, kudos to you!! It takes a trolley full of courage and strength to risk friendship by telling the truth.

Thank you lovelies,

Yours Truthfully,

Sal xoxo