Being single in this technological age is become increasingly complicated. Prior to the internet, people had limited choices of how they met their partner. It was either through a friend, or a party, work…. etcetera, but it was definitely a physical meeting. Once the two met, they would get to know each other by spending time together for a long period of time… this is when men were chivalrous, they would go to great lengths to please the ladies.

In today’s modern ‘meat market’, we have so many options of meeting people. The world has become such a small village that you can literally date someone for months in a separate location with different time zones. The internet has given single people more options of finding a mate than weren’t imaginable before. Single people no longer have to go out of their way to meet potentials, after all, it only takes five minutes max to register on a dating website and start the search. The problem however comes when you meet your mate and no longer need to sell your ‘attributes’ anymore because it took only a page and a half for your mate to know everything about you. The dating part of the relationship is eliminated because what else is there to tell…. you put all your cards on the table!

Dating in today’s modern age has become like a sales pitch, like buying a dress that is being advertised as ‘fits all’ only to realise that in actual fact, it was a lie and there are no refunds.

We lie to ourselves that we can find out everything about a person through social media but lets’ be realistic, who would put on their profile that they are a sadist, who has a fetish for feet, has no career goals whatsoever and can’t hold a descent conversation? No one. If we dated them face to face then we would definitely find out all this little negative bits faster than dating online and having fake conversations.

All in all, I can say that the internet has definitely improved chances of meeting different sets of people that you would have not come across in your friendship network and that’s great. Variety is always good, however, it has somehow made us picky and superficial. We are all about the profile picture and bio rather than the actual person. It has decreased our chances of actually getting our real match by making everything so quick and easy.

I want to go back to the days of dating, going for long walks and finding out more about a person by being around them physically. I am tired of looking at profiles and their friends list and statuses to find out what a person does and what are their interests. I am tired but I guess that is the world I am in now and even if I did meet someone physically, maybe at MacDonald’s or the local gym, I will still find them on the internet and use that bias research!!

If I can’t go back, I guess I will go along…. after all, sales is not about the quality of a product, it’s about how you can convince someone that it is what they need. It’s about that pitch, and I am becoming a pro at that !!!!


Yours Truly,

Asali the dating guru 🙂

** My next blog post will be a help guide on how not to sell yourself short.**