Hey Lovelies,

I hope you have all had a lovely week and if you haven’t…that will be sorted after you finish reading this article.

To begin with, I am an ordinary girl living in an ordinary world but with extraordinary experiences. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me how ‘lucky’ I was for the opportunities I’ve had throughout my life, then I would be quite wealthy by now. I do believe that I am quite blessed and privileged to have experienced all that I have but it took one small sacrifice to get things going.

See, growing up as a little chubby black child in Australia was not that easy for me… I was not only physically different, but culturally different as well. I was uprooted from my comfortable home in Kenya where I had lots of amazing friends who looked like me and had similar experiences… I never had to think of how I looked,  change my talking style or my jokes to fit in… then I came Australia..

I had so many differences with the people around me but I constantly tried to find similarities or make similarities. I straightened my hair and consciously changed my accent when I was around my friends, I used ‘Black American Slang’ because I was supposedly cool when I did that. I became the ‘token black friend’ that everyone wanted to be associated with… as you can imagine, pretending to be someone else was becoming quite exhausting and draining.

Everyone else seemed to be happy with who I was except me… My parents were happy because they thought I transitioned well, my friends were happy because they had a cool black friend who they could ask ‘black’ questions…but I was very unhappy. I became withdrawn, depressed and at the lowest of lows, this is the point I got my life changing epiphany. Why was I concerned about pleasing everyone but me? Was I not worthy enough to be happy? Didn’t I think I was cool enough as a person for people to like me for exactly who I was?

So what did I do? I woke up one morning and decided that I never wanted to feel how I was feeling again. That day would be the last day I put myself last. At that point in time, I was enrolled in a private school and both my parents were overseas. I stopped going to school and enrolled myself in a public college with an Alias name… I was 17. I told the school my parents were not around to sign the form and they said I was old enough to do it for myself, so I did.

I took classes that I enjoyed and while doing that, I met people who loved me for the quirky person that I was. I started self love affirmations every morning…. I commanded happiness to every aspect of my life, success to every aspiration that I had and finally, I thanked myself for allowing positivity into my life. Every aspect in my life changed!! I was much happier and that made me attract the right people as well as opportunities in my life. I realised that in life there was a lot of things that I could not control but the one thing that I could control, was the most powerful and that was my mind!!

Ever since that point in my life, I have practised controlling my mind and that has opened a beautiful world with a magical existence for me. When friends would ask me how I managed to do certain things, all I would say is, ask for it and if you really want it, you will receive it. On my 18th birthday, I created a dream book and wrote down all the things I would like to do by 25. Life happened and of course, I lost the book and forgot all about it… A year ago…7 years later, I found the book and I had actually checked off everything that I had written other than marriage.

To sum up, the secret to an amazing life lies within your mindset. If you can control your mind, you can control your reality.

Hope you enjoyed the long read and took something from it…

Have you got another secret I need to know about?

Yours Lovingly

Asali Mukii xx