I will love myself for exactly who I am

Relationships are complicated….ALWAYS!! I have learned that the longest relationship hence the most important one that you will ever have is the one with yourself. You will go through a cycle of wanting to be like someone else, realising that you can’t be them, trying to find where you fit in and eventually finding yourself. Once you get there, you realise how easy things could have been if you only got there sooner… but that’s life, it’s never a straight line.

We are our worst critics, constantly looking in the mirror and saying “if I lost 10 kilos I would look sexier or if I was slightly taller…if my legs were more slimmer….” the list goes on and on. We have created a negative relationship with ourselves which eventually affects all other relationships we have with other people.

Have you ever wondered why gorgeous women who could have anyone end up with jerks? Reason is, they cannot see what others see, they have a negative relationship with themselves and in turn, they attract people who affirm their negativity.

Having a positive relationship with yourself means;

  • loving your own company
  • loving yourself for who you are at exactly where you are in your journey of life
  • accepting that you are flawed and it is OK
  • being whole and not emotionally reliant on anyone for your happiness

The bonus of having a positive relationship is that you learn to accept others and love them for exactly who they are rather than what they can be or what they were. You also begin to notice people for their true beauty.

My goal is to have the best relationship with myself, get to know myself and find peace with myself

Love you my lovelies

Sal xoxo