From my observation and am sure yours too, everyone you meet in life leaves some sort of impression on you, some even manage to change the trajectory of your life sometimes for the better and most times for the worse hence the saying, ‘be careful whom you spend your precious time with’. A couple of days ago, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who left a mixed impression on me. He really made me think…..hard as he was talking of the four types of people, then at the conclusion of our meeting, I realized where he belonged (story for another day!) but at least he rubbed off some positive vibes that I will share with you.

Type 1: People that add value to your life – I would categorize these people as people who have the best intentions for you and are happy to see you prosper.

Type 2: People who multiply value to your life – these are people who will go above an beyond to ensure that you succeed and that you have what you need and want. These are people who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Type 3: People who subtract value from your life – These are people who add nothing to your life but most of the time, we can’t help but be around them. For instance, they could be old friends who went a different path but your loyalty is what holds your friendship or they could be people who are good at camouflaging, they are your friends for what they can get from you.

Type 4: People who divide value from your life – These are people you need to avoid at all costs because they have no positive interests towards you. These are people who are happy to see you fail, injured or even dead in extreme circumstances.

I feel that type three and four are masters of disguise who have perfected the art of pretending because any sane person would run for the hills if they knew someone had bad intentions for them. The hard bit is finding out who is genuine and who is disguising. So what type of person are you towards your friends and family?

Much love,

Asali Mukii