I am beautiful, I am wonderful and I deserve the best !!

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I found myself chanting these words to console myself once I found out that my ex married. He met someone and within a few months he proposed and arranged the wedding. As much as I was happy for him, I could not help but be bitter. He had moved on really quick, like I had not even existed. I felt like I was in a fairy tale only this time I was the frog and he was the prince in search of his princess.

I was one of the frogs, but I wished him well !!

Thanks to social media, his photos were everywhere..being liked by all the friends we shared. I wondered if any of them stopped to think how I was coping, how his lovely photos were literally tearing me apart.


Truthfully, I was happy that he met his true soul mate but I was sad that it wasn’t me. I was sad that he had reached there before me !! I know it wasn’t a competition but I would prefer any day to be the one getting married.

Reality was indeed painful.

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Asali xx