I vowed that he would never see me cry, I would avenge the break up by moving on….fast!!

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I held my head high and finally met a young man who impressed me. Love was not too far after all……so I thought!!

We had met coincidentally a few months after the break up. I was trying to move on but I had not planned to be the girl who got a rebound for jealousy purposes.He was a few years older so when he would talk about his career and prospects I would gaze at him with amazement. Since I had a few months to graduate, I tentatively listened to his advice on how to start planning my career.

I had actually thought he must have taken me as a younger sister and that was why he would advice me freely and gently so when he proposed to start a relationship it was a welcomed surprise.

I naively thought it was fate or destiny…whatever you want to call it, that had brought him to my path. The universe must have known that I needed a mature man who was well grounded and focused….. a total turnover from what I was used to.

It was not far to deep in the relationship when I began noticing behaviours that would scare me. In a few instances, I chose to ignore the signs simply because I thought he must have been stressed or had a bad day. After all, love was all about accepting the person for who they were everyday, not only the good days.

His behaviours continued to become more exaggerated and on purpose until I decided I had enough. I had enough of him insulting me in front of his friends,being a trophy girlfriend, him excusing me for ‘my bad behaviour’ because of my age. I just had enough !!

As he lived in a different state a few hours away, I usually visited him on the weekends and go home on Sunday. On the last day of our relationship, I lovingly said goodbye knowing in my heart that this was the last day he would walk me to the bus station. I even encouraged him as he talked about marriage and the future. I smiled in my heart knowing that I had indeed made the right choice.

No amount of money or begging would convince me to continue with this relationship. I finally remembered what my mother said about personal worth. I was priceless and no one could ever afford to buy me. He must have been God sent to remind me that it was OK to stumble and fall but the most important thing was to continue the journey and never give up.

On the bus home, I sent him a simple text message.

‘ it is over, I deserve better. Take care’

I then switched off my phone and left him to ponder on what was happening. I admit, it was definitely cruel but at the time, it was the best way I could break up with him.

It was a new dawn, my pursuit of True love was even stronger !!

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Asali xx