I tried to get him back….For the longest time. I felt like the more I tried the further apart we became. He was gone forever, he had moved on….so quick!! Did he really love me?

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The man I had grown to love and cherish had changed. I did not recognize him anymore. He had become cold, un approachable and distant. I had never known that love could turn into something so cruel. Loving someone who did not love you was like walking in the dark with no hope of ever seeing the light.

I vowed that he would never see me cry, I would avenge the break up by moving on….fast!!

The moving on phase was not going too well. The university was not big enough for the two of us. I was in a hurry to graduate and get out of the city. I saw him everywhere, the school, mall, car park….everywhere, name it, he was there. I wasn’t quite sure if I was the one stalking him or it was just luck…bad luck.

He seemed to be doing OK and that made me mad. Why didn’t he miss me? Why was I the only one crying late at night. I held my head high and met a young man who impressed me. Love was not too far after all……so I thought!!

I had literally jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

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