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To start with, I have to say that I am very easy-going. It takes a lot for me to get riled up but there is this particular colleague ….. arrogant, full of themselves, they think they are saints…the list goes on and on.

Everything I say, she has to top it off. Anything I do, she gives suggestions are not welcomed and needed. Sometimes the suggestions are actually workable but why does she have to do it all the time?

I am not quite sure why she does it. Does she think she is better or she is helping? Whatever the reason, I do not enjoy having her around my work space. I know…I know, it’s everyones work space !!

I know it’s my decision to ignore the situation but most times it is hard. We are emotional beings, to isolate my feelings is easier said than done.

So I find myself here, ranting to strangers who might or might not judge me !!

Thank you for allowing me to rant !!

Yours Truthfully,

Asali the Kenyan Blogger