My inspiration to write this comes from my friend Betty. This article is dedicated to you beautiful.

Being beautiful is often associated with the physical ideal of beauty but there is much more to the word. As the saying goes, beauty is to the eye of the beholder, everyone is beautiful, it’s all about your perception.

  1.Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 

Knowing and understanding your worth is the first step to feeling beautiful. You need to know that you have the power to choose your emotions. You might not be the smartest, skinniest, strongest or most beautiful person but you are YOU. There is no one else like you, I think that is just amazing!!

2. Smile More

Smiling has a way of changing things. I remember walking past someone who looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and it changed the trajectory of my day. I was happy the whole day. smiling not only softens your words but warms the coldest of hearts. Do it more !!!

3. Take care of your body.

Without your body, there is no you. It’s not only about physical fitness or strict diets, it’s simply, respecting your body. Guard your body how you would an expensive car. After all, your body is worth a lot more.

4. Drink lots of water.

I have to say, it took me a long time to love drinking water but now, I wouldn’t stop. It definitely keeps your skin hydrated and for me in particular, it lessens my cravings for sugary drinks.

5. Don’t worry over things you can’t change.

This is one message I have stuck with and followed to a T. Worrying over things you can’t change is a waste of effort and time. Learn to move on and leave your troubles to God who can change everything.

6. Dream Big

It’s great to set yourself goals that are hard to achieve. Give yourself a challenge. It’s amazing the feeling you have once you achieve something you thought was far fetched.

Holiday in Fiji7. Treat Yourself

Buy yourself flowers, get your nails done or even take yourself for a holiday. Never wait for someone else to tell you how beautiful you are, be the first. You have to love yourself first and you will understand why other people love you.

8. Eat your fruit and Veg !!

I am probably not the right person to preach this gospel but I will anyway. I find it hard to eat veggies but I know I have to do it. Veggies take care of your inside. I just love going to the loo in the morning to do a number 2 after a dinner full of veg. I always feel ready for the world afterward lol haahhahaha !!!

9. Love…Love…Love

Fill your heart with love. People who love live longer…love life, love food, love family. Just Love !!  Enough said !!!

Nelson bay dune buggy10.It’s OK to have fun !!

Hugs to you all, my lovelies. Start feeling beautiful today. xoxo