I know what I can do to men … I know the kind of power I have !

In this life, money and power talk and I am fluent in that language. People look at me and think my life is easy, I make it look easy… appearances can be deceiving. I am a predator, the bait being my body. I am a scheming, calculating, shrewd business woman…other women are not really fond of me.

My prey is any man who is easily blinded by my looks and my charm. What I do is a work of art, it is to be respected. With a flick of my eyelashes, I can get my yearly rent paid… so tell me, why would I choose a lowly paid young man who will lock me down while I could have a rich married man with no strings attached?

Being ‘the other woman’ has certain benefits, I always get to have your man for better while you have him for better or for worse. I truly understand your anger towards me, you accuse me of stealing your husband and devaluing the sanctity of marriage. Indirectly, I accept…I am guilty but I am definitely not the only one to blame.

I did not force your husband to accept my advances, I merely persuaded him and he fell in the trap. I am sure he tried to resist, probably had countless thoughts of going back home while he drove to my house but I made myself irresistible. Taking your man is not easy, I have to give you credit…he does love you… so I will just say that it is not you, it is the environment you provide.

I approach your husband like I would a job interview. I accentuate my assets and ensure I am prepared in every which way even if it costs money. After all, money invested makes more money. I glow from head to toe… manicured fingers, a stylish outfit with matching shoes and a flirtatious smile. When he comes home with me, he is king. He does not need to worry about the past and the future…just the present. He is care free when he is with me, I listen to him and encourage his fairy tales. He tells me how he wishes you were more like me… because he thinks I am caring, charming, stress free and I listen. I wish he would open his eyes and see the truth, I can only tolerate him because I get everything I want from him. If he woke up one day and he lost everything, I would already be out the door.

I choose to be the other woman because I know what men are…most of them never notice what they have in a wife until they have ruined their relationship. All I am doing is cashing in on their stupidity…their weakness.

Yours Truthfully


**** Below is one of the messages from a member of Kilimani Mums ****

He owes it to his family while she owes it to no one but herself to be faithful. Usually, he’s the one making the first move…deal with him! If you decide to go for the side chick, it will always be one after the other and I am certain you don’t want that kind of life. Men must learn to be faithful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  by Eva W.