Today I will talk about the day dreamers like myself who wish and hope for something more. Dreamers, not satisfied with the comfort of day-to-day life.  7 am starts to combat the morning traffic is not your ideal cup of tea. Your mind strays for a few seconds at the red traffic lights, wondering, dreaming, hoping for a day filled with excitement.

Your day dreams continually take you to exotic places such as the sunny blue skies of the pacific, the American concrete jungle or the ideal African Safari. As for me, these day dreams often take me to Kenya. My sanctuary and where my heart feels at home. I think of the red soil and yellow sun, the music that plays from the local shops as you walk along, the fresh food vendors who always seem to know more about politics than the politicians themselves.

I miss the laughter, the smiles, the random meet ups and the food. All of these engulf my day dreams. I wonder what would happen if I left my life of comfort which has assurance of a regular income and risked opening a business and working for myself.

What would happen?

This is the dreaded question all dreamers face. will you jump in and risk failing and losing everything on the pursuit of living your dreams or will you let your dreams remain what they are….Just dreams?

Till next time my lovely readers… Asante (Thank You)