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Hello my beautiful friends,

Today I want to talk about my experience of being raised with a single parent. We all know that life happens, people get love and lose love, times get tough and relationships change as time passes.

My parents split a long time ago for reasons only known to them. For as far back as I can remember, I was raised single-handed by my mother and later on as a teenager, moved with my father and step mother.

My mom had to be both parents for so long and I can’t thank her enough for the many opportunities she gave up to ensure that my two siblings and I got the best of everything.  I actually had no idea whatsoever that my parents had divorced because she always spoke ever so lovingly about my father.

Being a single parent must have been really hard on my mother especially in a society where divorce was sort of seen as a taboo. Women would prefer to stay in violent relationships rather than be seen single. I could see it…the look in my friends’ parents eyes when I visited them, I think it was pity. ” How sad, her parents are broken up. ” maybe that’s what they said or thought. I don’t really know but I could feel the sad energy.

What people don’t know is that being raised with a single parent was the best. I know….how sad to think like this, but for me, it was the best childhood and I wouldn’t change the situation if I could.

My mom was constantly trying to compensate and give us what she thought we missed out on… She had plenty of guilt and sadness…I think.

Due to her guilt, she worked so hard and ensured that we had everything and more. For instance, she made sure we had the trendiest clothes for the yearly neighbourhood Christmas party. That was her thing, she consistently outdid herself and everyone else. We were enrolled in top schools, we always had a nanny and a tutor.

At times she would be exhausted but she never stopped. She would take us to expensive restaurants and malls just to experience what others were. She would not necessarily buy anything expensive but at least we went there and we fit in with our friends in school.

Another pro of being raised by a single parent was the close relationship she had with us. She knew us so well and we knew her. She knew when to push and when to be gentle. We knew when we could ask for stuff and when we needed to comfort her. We were her life and she was ours.

I respect my mom for all she did, she did not only feed, clothe and school us, she followed her dreams and successfully achieved everything she set out to do. Not many people get to live their dreams and she did with grace, poise and three rascals.

I wanted to talk about my experience mainly because a lot of people tend to think that people raised by single parents are usually screwed up. I am here to tell everyone that I am who I am because I was raised by a single parent. She taught me what it is to love and be loved. She was and still is testimony that sometimes love goes sour but you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and still be the best that you can and follow your dreams. I think I turned out OK and a lot of other kids with single parents did too.

Much Love and Respect to all single parents xoxo