Hey lovelies,

I decided to write this post after watching Hillary Clinton’s Concession speech.  All the people who were rooting for her will understand that sinking feeling of doom they had as they announced Donald Trump as the new president. As I was watching her speech, teary, I realised that I have had that same feeling plenty of times before.

I have memories of times during my school years when I would seriously put so much effort, sleepless nights and extra tuition classes but still failed… I remember applying for positions that I knew I was more than qualified for, only for some young bimbo to get the job. I remember applying for a promotion after putting so much effort only for someone whom I trained to be promoted to my boss. It certainly is not a good feeling!!

Looking at Hillary speak made me teary because I knew she was putting up a front. Smiling while the only thing she wanted to do is cry and curl up into a ball. Sometimes life strips you to your bare core and reminds you who is boss. I mean, I am sure she thought she was going to win the election being that she was running against a man such as Trump. We all thought that!! I even laughed at the thought that people would come to support Trump at his rallies.. but now, I feel stripped bare too!! I feel unsafe, uncertain and terrified that people in one of the biggest democracies in the world would choose to vote for someone like Trump..!! That familiar feeling is hopelessness… knowing that it cannot get worse than it already is!!

All I can say for now is that it gets better!! Cry all you will but one morning, you will wake up and things will be OK. The best part is, when you are at the bottom of the pit, there is nowhere else to go other than up. Keep fighting for what is right, keep moving forward, keep trying and never give up.

In your life, you will have plenty of successes as well as setbacks and it will hurt but never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it! Hillary Clinton – Concession Speech

Keep smiling lovelies,

With hope,

Asali Mukii xoxo