He would apologise profusely and with a swollen face filled with bruises he had inflicted on her…. she would smile and forgive him

He is one-sided to her, but two-sided to everyone else. She can’t see him doing any wrong, she skips to his command. He smiles and hugs her while shoving a dagger deep in her back. Her family is angry because they can see what she refuses to and she is angry because they don’t want to see what she sees in him.

image one sided love story
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She distances herself from her friends and family, he is happy. He becomes her world, the king of her heart and he slowly takes the role of the mean and arrogant king. He’s got a controlling hold of everything about her, her brain, her body and her spirit. She is often covered in bruises and she is forced to smile when he begs.

He loves me, it is my fault because I made him angry, he’s apologised and he won’t do it again

She tells herself every single time.

She slowly starts to suffocate. She can now see what everyone saw !! She thinks it’s too late, she blames herself for ignoring her friends. Now she has no one…At least that’s what she thinks. He has become complacent with his position. He knows she can’t fight his control, he has won. She finally finds the courage, she knows her worth…….She walks out, and so can you !

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