To all bullies in life,

No one likes a bully …. are you shocked?? YES, no one in the history of like has ever liked a bully, not even your pack of bully friends…usually a pack of three or four, not one hundred percent sure why you walk in packs but I have a theory…. The exception being your parents, since they have to like you void of conditions…nasty or not.

My thoughts are, you as a bully lack confidence in your life, so you decide to use an alter ego to get some attention. If people won’t like you naturally…you will harness the evil connections you have with satan and use them to terrorize people you assume have less power than you. You usually terrorize people when you are with your pack because you are nothing without them…. they give you confidence and worship your evilness. They are drawn to your fake power…because that’s us humans..we are power hungry!! They validate you so you validate them. They like walking with you because they love how you make people whimper at your speech…they prefer to be part of the pack than be against it…so they sit in silence and watch you drown in your fake power.

Don’t ever confuse their agreeance for love or like….they feel neither of the two for you. You are just a way to their means…once they smell someone with more power than you, you will remain as lonely as you began in the first place. How do you feel knowing that no one likes you for who you are but only for how you negatively treat others. In fact, they are bullies themselves because they let you be at the front of the firing squad… you please them by asserting your fake power in public…you get the evil stares and the nasty back talk…they just sit behind and watch people hate you while they keep on validating you and feeding you with more fake power to momentarily go on.

They are similar to groupies, they will love you and leave you once the next best thing appears. They will move on with their lives, unscathed by their cunning past but you…you will be left with a legacy of broken hearts and spirits of the people you bullied. You will be lonely, hated and the only thing you will have going for you is your self hate….misery loves company, so don’t worry, you will easily get a new pack who will be even nastier than the previous ones.

For all the people who are victims of bullying out there, just letting you know that it has nothing to do with you but ¬†everything to do with the bully. They have low self esteem and self hate so the only way they believe will exonerate them is if they transfer that to someone else. I just want to tell you that it has never been about you…keep your head high and keep loving yourself.

If you are a bully and you are drowning in self hate… I suggest you start by loving yourself and maybe attend some confidence classes (If you are near me, I offer FREE classes on confidence). I also suggest that you check yourself and the people around you…remember the saying “If you hangout with trash, you will be perceived as trash”

Everyone thinks you are pretty trashy right now so change your ways!!

With love,

Your Girl Asali M.