Hey everyone,

I’ve been out for a minute… I know! But, I have a valid reason…at least I think so. Hope all of you have been doing OK and I do hope your 2017 is taking you well. As you all know ( or if you don’t ) I’ve been living and working in Fiji. It’s my third month now and things are getting ‘realer’ by the day… Don’t get me wrong, I am having a swell time but it has not been void of challenges.

Just to let you know, my elder sister came to visit on the Easter break, we had such a good time and I will definitely post some pictures soon…but as she left, I was in bed with an injured knee. That’s how much fun we had… lol

I went zip lining and could not stop myself so I hit a tree 🙁 sadly, it was not even my first time zip lining so I do not have an ‘I am an amateur’ excuse. I am much better now but it was a limp couple of days… will definitely be an experience to remember. My sister just zipped across the forest like a pro…like she had been doing it all her life… like she was the instructor. I am not at all jealous but…umm…yes I am, I am not gonna lie and I don’t care if she reads this. She zipped through the forest like she zips through life, with elegance, grace and a stylish outfit.

One more thing I need to tell you, my sister has never been the ‘lets go camping in the forest type’, she has always been the ‘I am not acting fancy, it’s a lifestyle…’ I was a bit worried before she came, I was planning five star kind of things…but she came and she did not even want the tourist life….she just wanted to know where I was staying and do the things I do….which by the way, mostly cost nothing compared to the five star life. She even cliff jumped into a waterfall…. I am like, is this even my sister?????

really?? who is she? …she CLIFF JUMPED INTO A WATERFALL !!

It was really nice to see this side of her, I realized I never really traveled with her like this. Most of the time we were traveling, it was to go home (Kenya) or road tripping with her friends who were also five star road trippers. Or maybe she was always like this, I just never noticed!! I don’t know but I will tell you this, I don’t think I want to video her again jumping into a waterfall with random people cheering. YES…random boys were cheering for her to jump..and she did, and I got it on video!! Not my proudest moment as a concerned sister..

All in all, I was so glad she came to see me. Other than doing crazy things, we spent a couple of days just chilling, netflix-ing and chatting about life.

In a nutshell, I have been doing life for the past few weeks that I have not talked to you. I have been laughing, crying, dancing and nursing injuries. I have also been thinking of starting a youtube story channel and getting a guest blogger.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

If you are interested in doing life and writing about it on this blog, comment below or contact me on asalimukii@gmail.com

I wish you enough love, life and happiness xx

Your girl,

Asali Mukii xx