My Grand mom told me something along the lines of ‘if he is prettier than you, then he is not for you’ She was joking but then again, I think there might be some truth to that. Like most advice we get from our elders, we forget until it comes to light.

You walk into a club and he is the first one you spot, looking all fine from his shoes to his manicured eye brows. Of course, we all do our best to look good when we go out but you get to know him outside the clubbing scene and his hair is still constantly gelled up and well styled. I mean, he is sweet and all, and he says he loves you but each time you walk together people give you questioning looks…like you must be his sister, you can’t definitely be his partner.

You are sitting with him in the club, a couple of drinks are brought to your table, you immediately know they are not for you because men have a code…they know that if a woman is chilling with another man, they will not waste their money on claimed territory. The girls across the bar giggle as the bar tender points at them referring to the senders of the drinks. There goes again, they’ve already assumed that you must be a sister or a friend but definitely not a partner. When you talk to him about it, he tells you not to be so insecure, not to worry about it… it’s harmless flirting!!

See, if you want to be the spouse of a pretty boy, you have to put in equal or more effort to fit the part. It’s either he expects you to do so or society indirectly pushes you to pick up your game. You quickly realise that it is not easy to put in that amount of time to look good nor is it cheap, especially if you are on a tight budget and lack the time and energy.

So now you have to create a beauty expense account as well as allocate enough time to look prettier than your spouse. Pretty boys make it look so easy, like they wake up like that with perfectly shaped eye brows but we all know better!!

Their clothes are super expensive from the Gucci flip flops to the Rolex watch they casually wear…. Trust me, the Gucci flip flops are a thing, I thought it was a bit weird when I first saw a guy with them but then I saw a really funny twitter stream… so don’t trust him if he has Gucci flip flops…true story!!

I am not deterring you from dating one despite the title of this post…I am just casually giving you the same advice my grandmother gave me as I drink some tea. Dating a pretty boy gets exhausting real quick especially if you mind sharing your mirror and actually having to schedule bathroom time to keep the peace. After all is said, there is still some benefits of dating a pretty boy… You will never lack a spa date and you will always have a shopping partner who is actually willing to spend as much time as possible to get you looking on fleek.

Not all hope is lost 🙂

Honestly speaking,