Start Living….Start Living!!

This is a phrase said so often in passing but not many people seem to grasp the real meaning. We are like zombies day and night pursuing money and other life pleasures but it’s not until a bus almost hits you that you really understand the measure of your complacency.

This is a story of my turning point…

A few years ago when I was still in University, I was like any other student. I wanted to get good grades, I wanted to be the life of the party and earn some money at the same time. It was my last year and I was in a lot of pressure to ensure I graduated with a good GPA.  I was one fail away from a break down. I was also working in a hospital as an assistant nurse practically full-time to pay for my rent and partying money.

During the last few weeks of the semester, I was working night shifts at the hospital and studying for my final exams. I was pretty stressed. I did not give my body any resting time, constantly on the move.

I was pretty excited to finish the semester with good grades and even better savings. I was proud that I was able to work throughout the semester and study at the same time. One particular weekend, I decided to go to Sydney with my friends to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays. I finished a night shift went home and packed and drove three hours to Sydney.

15 hours no sleep…

We arrived in Sydney a few hours late due to traffic. We found a hotel, settled in and had some dunch ( Lunch + Dinner ) and got ready to hit the night life.

25 hours no sleep…

We had an amazing time out, drunk a few cocktails and energy drinks. I was feeling fantastic and my energy level was on the roof. Went back to the hotel at about 4 pm and had a few hours sleep. It was what I needed…so I thought.

We had an early morning wake up, I had slept for 4 hours. We had planned to go to the famous Bondi beach then drive home. We stopped to fuel the car, I walked out and collapsed.

Emptiness, I had collapsed and was later informed that I had a seizure. I was the one who was the designated driver and was about to drive on a major highway. I later woke up almost 5 hours later in Emergency.

After two weeks in the hospital, I was informed that my body had a black out. it had enough!!!! enough of being mistreated, enough of being last priority and enough of being taken for granted.

I had been so busy chasing the superficial pleasures of life that I forgot the real pleasures. I was so busy chasing money I had forgotten what it felt like to run in the rain, or have a picnic under the sun or just really sincerely laughing.

I forgot to appreciate my body, my beautiful body from my heart to my toes and all the organs in between. So quick to judge its appearance yet so easy to forget the amazing things it does for me.

What’s the point of having the best material things in life if you are not ALIVE

God was watching and I am most thankful. I am here telling you, don’t get bogged down with the routines…start living NOW!!!

Thank you my lovelies, till next time xoxo

Hug someone today :=)