Hi Lovelies,

I accidentally took this photo while scouting for the perfect light for a video but it got me thinking…….all the little nick nacks on the table make up my all time top Seven favourite items.

  1. If you know me a tad bit, you would automatically know that I am utterly in love with flowers…I was probably a flower in a previous life.
  2. The shades, I can never do without. They are awesome during the summer heat but I mainly use them for the suspense look…sounds funny but it’s true.
  3. My beloved coffee mug, for two years she has served me well. Keeping my coffee hot at all times and keeping my water ice cold even though that was not part of her job description.
  4. A book, I have been a hoarder of books for the longest time. I read them, love them, keep them and re-read my all time faves.
  5. The lippie, who doesn’t like soft lips??
  6. Nail polish, red is my fave colour…elegant and sexy at the same time. It’s always hard to get that balance.
  7. Last but definitely not least, my camera. I love, love, love him but I do not understand him fully yet!!

Till next time,

Much love xx