One of the worst things that can happen in your journey of love is to be forgotten by someone you will never forget.

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I didn’t care if a thousand eyes were glaring at me, the heart break was written all over my face. You were meant to realise that we were meant for each other and come back for me….you didn’t.

Instead, you preferred a woman you barely knew. I guess she was exciting, enchanting….perfect? I thought I was that to you. Once I realised you were no longer mine, there was no need for pride. I could finally cry….release you from my heart. You were never coming back, you gave your heart to another and I needed to let you go.


My eyes had become a constant red, no more tears left just the colour of sorrow. The thought of someone else making you happy gave me mixed feelings. I wanted that for you but I thought it would have been me….disappointment !! Your warm hugs just a distant memory. You were at your happiest and I was at my saddest, true opposites.

When you said you would love me forever, I thought you meant eternity. I guess forever isn’t as long as it used to be !!

Love always,