Hey lovelies,

It’s been long…majorly long and I have missed all of you and just getting to interact with you. To be honest, for a minute there I did not want to continue blogging but I think I’ve sorted those issues out. I was just not enjoying it anymore due to some issues I had going on but now I am back.

Just to give you a life update, I was living in Fiji for a couple of months then came back home to Canberra and after a couple of weeks, I got an amazing opportunity in Sydney so I moved again. It’s been a hectic few months but I am finally settling in my new surroundings now and getting back to my normal life routine… which is mostly netflixing, chilling and blogging.

I am pretty happy with life right now especially because I get to go to a job that I really enjoy and come back home to friends who’ve made my transition to Sydney life super fun and exciting. You all know that I am all about overall wellbeing…now I get to work in an organisation where the main focus is on┬ámental health and wellbeing….. what a blessing right?

Another life update, I may perhaps be dating someone… heheheh perhaps!! I will expand on that further in the next blog post. I know you all have been following my dating advice so I hope now that I can follow my advice too.

Life has been too real for me lovelies and I would not change a damn thing ­čÖé

Till next time, peace and love to you my sweethearts xoxo

Asali Mukii