Hey Lovelies,

Can you believe we are already in the third week of 2018? Time is really moving fast and I can’t help but feel myself ageing… Truth be said, I am at a point in my life where private health insurance is necessary, where taking supplements is advisable and going to the gym is a requirement!!

For all you lovelies who do not know me personally, I am in my late 20’s and I can’t afford to be ignorant about my health… gone are the days when I could leave symptoms to linger till a body part fell off… I will leave that luxury to youngins!!

The reason I am writing this article is that my friend got a cancer scare last week.. This particular friend is the kind of person who has done all things right. She started having check ups in her early 20’s and has followed a strict diet for the longest time. In one of her pap smear check ups, the doctors noticed an abnormal growth in the lining of her cervix which happened to be cancerous and luckily, because it was discovered early, it was operated on and removed. She recently noticed some symptoms and went for another check up. She was then referred to a specialist in a weeks time. That week was really horrible for her, imagine for a whole week not knowing your fate?

Thank God that after another check up by the specialist, she was found to be OK.

Back to the discussion on getting a pap smear done… I have never had one and after chatting to my friend, she passionately shared to me the importance of getting checked. She reminded me that if she had not been regularly getting check ups, she would have been dead because she would have not had the opportunity to haveĀ an operation once the cancer went into her blood stream. Getting checked meant the doctors could discover the abnormality early and she could have life saving surgery.

So to all you lovelies who have not yet had a pap smear done, please do!

I booked in an appointment for myself and so should you…let’s value our health together xx

Click here for some information on Cervical Cancer from the Cancer Council Australia