**Our mind is such a powerful organ, it can create an alternate reality that shields us from the truth…from what is certain…from ourselves.**
As a child, you are innocent. Things are what they are.. what they appear to be. There is no grey line, only black and white. Friends are friends and enemies are enemies…life is much simpler. Then you grow up and there is no black and white, only a thick line of grey. Nothing is what it seems, sometimes you have to pursue the truth because it is so rare to find. Other times you realize that it was right in front of you and you just didn’t notice. Reality becomes a puzzle.
Quite often I find things being too appealing to the eye and mind…easy to get, easy to achieve….Acquaintances appearing to be overly friendly and concerned, friends being overly inquisitive when it comes to my issues and closed on their side…that’s when I stop.. take a breather and remember that to judge a situation by appearance shows my ignorance and naivety…and most times it is blissful !!
** Sometimes you want to be in the shallow pool because you THINK it is safer, but your safety is never assured!!**

  • Wouldn’t it be better to know you are not safe than to think or assume that you are?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to know that you have no friends than to have people who pretend to be friends?
  • Wouldn’t it be better if people were upfront with what they wanted rather than toy with your emotions and beat around the bush?
Of course it would be better, however, reality can be extremely painful to accept and it is easier to stay in a blissful state of denial than to face the truth.
**Life can be a very scary reality, the only way to keep moving is to learn, relearn and unlearn from your experiences**
Your girl Asali Mukii xx