What you think of yourself is all that matters

In my previous post I talked about trying to find perfection in an ever-changing imperfect world. What constitutes beauty changes with territory thus learning to appreciate your imperfection and finding perfection through that is a journey in itself. We are accustomed to seeing ourselves through society’s eyes and changing that is usually a conscious choice that one takes. In my opinion, life is a journey in which you learn about yourself, your flaws, your character and your qualities. Choosing to fully love and accept yourself first is the only way you can truly extend your love to others.

Sometimes loving yourself can seem a bit selfish, especially for women. We are born natural carers often putting ourselves last in order to support and care for our families. We end up loosing ourselves in this process as we get bogged down by everyone elses issues.

Choosing to love ourselves is choosing to look at the mirror and appreciate the marvel that is us. Choosing to accept that we are not perfect and that’s what makes us unique. That’s my spill for today, till next time xoxo

Kwaheri (Goodbye)