Hey lovelies,

Today I just want to have an honest chat with you guys and I hope you will receive what I am about to say in good faith and even maybe, try it in your life and see the change.

In the past two years I have found myself being picky with the kind of people I allow to participate in my life….when I say participate, I mean people whose input I value and people who value my participation in their life as well. I have come to the understanding that sometimes for one to grow and succeed, one needs to let go off excess baggage.

I’ve had friends who I have purposely decided to stop associating with, some who’ve become acquaintances and others who I have completely cut off.. no calls, no catch ups no hi’s or bye’s…. NADA!!

I want to say it now and let it be loud and clear, if you have friends around you who you don’t trust and are not loyal to you…. stop that friendship and have no regrets.

If your friends belittle you, put you down, compete with you and are not happy for you and with you… cut those people out of your life.

If you have friends who do not improve you as a person, whose friendship is stale and stagnant… you are no longer friends but acquaintances.

If you are in a friendship and are struggling to keep it going because you’ve known each other for the longest time and you feel bad… DON’T!! People move on and that’s ok. Sometimes in life people were only meant to be with us for a season but we’ve kept them for too many seasons.

If you are out there and feeling like we were home girls since grade three and I don’t catch up anymore, I am sorry but we have nothing in common right now and I can’t keep a friendship on the basis of the common ground we had when we were 9 years old. You just don’t do it for me no more girl!!

So if you are out there and cursing me because we were once friends and you betrayed me and I said I forgave you but you are kinda feeling like I didn’t, just know that I did forgive you but I don’t associate with snakes and I no longer require your negativity in my crowd!!

If you are out there wondering why I don’t confide in you no more, just know that I don’t need snitches in my crowd. I heard how you’ve been snitching on your best friend and I am just a friend so what will you do to me?

It’s not all of you people I’ve mentioned above, it is me…

I have decided to only allow a select few around me… a select few who support me, encourage me, inspire me, improve me and motivate me.

You don’t have to catch feelings!!

Keeping it real here 🙂

Asali Mukii xx