Hey lovelies,

The first thought I had when I decided to write this article was that I should take the feminist stand and preach on how men and women should be ‘equal’ in the work place and how we should judge people by the content of their brain but…. I thought a bit more and I decided that my opinion was, why not?

Before you get your undies twisted in a knot, let me explain why. Do you know how many students graduate every year from their respective fields? Many!! All of whom now have qualifications to get the same kind of jobs. Truth be said, before you get an interview, your resume has already undergone a lot of prejudice; Your birth name has determined your nationality/race/religion, the university you attended has determined the quality of education you’ve presumably received, Your address has determined your presumed social status and your volunteering efforts or luck there of has determined the kind of person you are.

Surely, sex appeal is just another case of natural selection. Just another way to adapt to our environment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying sleeping your way to a job… I am talking about flirting, dressing up, enhancing your assets by your dress choice. This actually goes both ways for males and females. We all know that a lot of industries are male dominated and there is a glass ceiling for women who want to advance. Women cannot win by emulating what the males do to succeed. We cannot go out drinking at night and make contacts, go to all male golf clubs and meet with the people who have the final say… so in all fairness, we have never been equal to men in the workplace. They never play fair so why should we?

I can truthfully tell you that in a lot of jobs, a female with a good dress sense and the ability to sweet talk their way, will get hired before a female who is only brain smart. I can definitely attest to that, I have been both females!! Being in the workforce for a number of years, I can confidently tell you that most times your education and the grades you received is not what will get you that job you are after. After graduating, I went to a number of job interviews with all my qualifications at hand, dressed in a dark coloured boy suit with a white top and a briefcase…. Most of the time, I did not get the job. I became very frustrated so one day I decided to do some research and do an interview course. I worked on my talking skills and also my dressing. Turns out, for women, you are more likely to be remembered if you have beautiful shoes and well manicured nails as well as a colourful dress…..Yesss dress or skirt and not a pant suit. Trust me, I cannot say that I am the prettiest girl in the room but I usually scrub up well… I started getting the jobs I applied for as well as getting promoted in those jobs.

The science of the matter is, males don’t seem to get intimidated when you use your femininity to get a job. They don’t get threatened by your educational achievements, so they hire you… and that’s when you bring out your brain and pounce to the finish line.

So in my opinion, Yes girls!!! We should use our sex appeal to get ahead. Get those nails done, get a pair of pretty heels, get a fabulous dress and a perfume that they won’t forget. In the interview, be confident, sit up and don’t be embarrassed of your curves, smile and flutter your lushes… look the interviewers in the eyes and tell them why you are worth their hire!!

Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT…agree to sleep with anyone in exchange for a job, that becomes prostitution. Just because you are easy on the eye does not mean that it is all you are. In short, what I am saying is, use your appearance to your advantage and snatch that job you want.

What are your thoughts?

Asali xx