Everyone deep down wants to achieve something in their life. It could be education excellence, great income, great job or even a great family. Almost everyone knows how they can achieve what they want but only a small majority will really make that effort and go the full yard. Why you ask? Because they’ve got that thirst that can’t be quenched until they achieve what they want.

To be honest, yes, some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, others are lucky and most are talented but drive is not something you inherit, it’s something that you consciously do. Having the determination and urge to do better every single day is a choice one has to make.

Drive is waking up everyday knowing that not even failure will stop your quest for success. When you have personal drive, your brain automatically gives you daily affirmations and self encouragement.

The world may push you around, get you on your knees and make you cry but if you have personal drive, that will only make you work harder.

How much do you want to succeed?