My face is like a canvas, I show you what I want you to see. I want you to see the young, strong independent woman who can do everything on her own with grace and poise. I want you to see the happy and bubbly person that you love hanging out with….but dear friend, all I beg of you is to take a close look into my eyes.

I am not the strong woman, Look into my eyes, open the window to my soul.

I am close, too close to the edge. Poke me one more time and I will fall to my demise.

Just like a physical injury, my heart has been injured. Tired from holding itself together for so long. Tired of being stepped on constantly, being pushed, being ignored……Just tired!!

I have been strong for so long, but even in strength there is weakness.

so dear friend, I need you but I might not be able to tell you. Don’t ignore my teary eyes, my long gaze or my fake laughs. I am not OK.  Dig a little deeper, you might unleash the sadness just like water in a well. Once you do, please hold my hand…dear friend.

This is for mental illness awareness. Are you OK?

Till next time my lovelies, keep smiling xoxo