I always said I would never post anything political but this time it is personal

I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks now, reason being, I have been saddened by the recent attack that occurred in Garissa. It was a sad and cowardly attack but the most hurtful part was how our Kenyan Government responded.

Kenyan politicians, dignitaries and journalists arrived there hours before the rapid response team. Some of the politicians were flown in from Nairobi ( the capital ) while the response team that was meant to be there first were driven approximately 370KM (230 miles) to the University. When they arrived, the siege that had been going on for hours was dissolved in less than an hour……. IN MINUTES !!!

Really, did we need the politicians to spectate young children being brutally murdered? Is that where the Kenyan tax money goes, to fund choppers for politicians to spectate?

I have to commend the police and the response team. I can’t help but assume that their response would have been faster if they had adequate transport and resources in general. I also want to appreciate Corporal Benard Kipkemoi Tonui who died while fighting the terrorists.

painting of Tonui
A painting of Bernard Tonui

Even on his last day, the politicians decided to take the limelight.

Politicians get best seat
They get the best seat

Boniface Mwangi, a renowned activist shared some information after travelling to attend Tonui’s funeral.

“Travelled to Cheleget village in Bomet County to bury Kenya’s hero Recce squad Bernard Tonui who was killed while rescuing Garissa University students.

The men who flew to Garissa to spectate while the Recce squad travelled by road did not attend the funeral.

Three choppers landed to witness Tonui’s funeral. The politicians arrived late, got the best seats, politicked for long and they had to be begged to stop so the burial could happen before 6pm.

The area has no electricity and water, and Tonui’s meager salary of KES 36, 000 was only enough to build a mud walled house for his wife Nelly and the kids. Police officers deserve better”

Just giving you some more info, police officers do not have life insurance and the medical cover they were allegedly supposed to get has not come into effect yet. This are the people who have vowed to protect us.

After all the politicking was done, everyone went home and Tonui’s wife was left to fend for their four children.

Wakenya, hapa ndio tumefikishwa !!!

As a young Kenyan, I am fed up and I won’t keep my mouth shut.

With anger,

Asali the Kenyan blogger