Who knew that it was literally true that the princess had to kiss a hundred frogs to find her prince.

I always thought that it would be easy to find the ‘one’. I would stumble across him while on my many trips or he would walk into my office, maybe, I would meet him while clubbing and I would know. I would know that he was the one. I would then love him unconditionally and we would start a family. I never dreamt beyond that as I’ve always assumed that the rest would work out.

Truth be said, I have reached that point in my life where I find myself being invited to engagement parties, weddings and baby showers. It gets nerve wrecking as the years pass. Questions about my engagement or lack off, get thrown around so carelessly that I have perfected the art of answering.

My previous relationships haven’t helped in the confidence area either. I am slowly beginning to accept that some princesses never find their prince and have to settle for a frog. Not me though, I will keep searching.

I think that’s the hardest bit….searching. I want to search in peace but people won’t let me. Technology does not make it easy either with all the photos on facebook and instagram insisting that I am indeed a lonely single princess with little to no prospects…..society !!

I am happy though, happy in my singleness. Society really finds it hard when the princess becomes a queen without a king. They consider it defying the laws of the kingdom. A queen can surely not find happiness unless she finds a king right?

Till next time my lovelies

The Kenyan Princess