Hey lovelies,

Hope you’ve all been good…I’ve been great other than this darn video that got me sobbing. It is about two people who were in a relationship and the guy cheated so the lady asks some questions about the infidelity. If you have not seen the video, click here.

This video brought out certain emotions from me that I have suppressed for a while. A lot of women have gone through such relationships where they care so much for the man but he does not give a rats ass about her. What tore me to bits was looking at her as she asked him how many women he cheated with… he did not even know!! Worst thing is, he did not even flinch or appear to be embarrassed or scared. He just plainly said that he did not know.

At the beginning he says ‘I would say that you were my best friend’… I am like.. dude, really? Men this days have the darn nerve. I am so upset even writing this because I dated such a man too, who could not understand why I could not get over him cheating on me. This dude in the video goes ahead and says that after a while, their relationship changed because she kept on checking his phone and stuff… is he serious? does he expect her to go back to normal after he has cheated with God knows how many women?

I am not going to blame it on the dude only though… the girl has a part she played in this relationship. You can tell by how she looks at him that she adores the ground he walks on. He says in the video .. ‘if you could go to that measure to find whatever, why didn’t you just leave?’ This is a valid question, why didn’t she leave him?

She answers, ‘I don’t know, I was just sick stupid.’

I understand falling in love but this is not love…this is more like falling in stupidity because there was never love to begin with. As women, I think we need to know when to draw the line with men like this. He literally was gambling with her love because he knew she was not going anywhere. She would always be there whenever he needed her so he could wander off to the fucking end of the world sleeping with anyone he comes across and still come back to her. This woman is not ugly either, she is so beautiful and from the video, I will assume she has a beautiful heart too. Would I say she was stupid, probably yes… I was that girl once. Does she deserve a man like this dude…No.

Girls…Giiiiirrrrrrlllllsssssss!!!! we need to wake up and smell the coffee. There is a Swahili saying that goes, ‘ akufukuzaye hakwambii toka.’ which means, someone who chases you away does not tell you directly to go. A man does not need to break up with you in order to BREAK UP with you. He will just treat you like shit until you decide to go on your own. We need to know what we deserve in order to know where we draw the line and say enough is enough. I truly wish her all the happiness in the world…if karma works, then I am hoping the next man she dates is a saint. For men like this man, please understand that how you treat women is how your sister, mother, auntie or daughter might be treated by other men. Be mindful and don’t waste her time if you don’t have good intentions for her.

End of my rant lovelies, what do you think of the video?

yours truthfully,

Asali Mukii xx