Hey lovely friends, it has been a while since I wrote something down and I will tell you why…

First and foremost, I want to thank the people who sent me messages on here…and seriously, I am not kidding!! I did not know that a couple of you actually looked out for my short stories. I had someone messaging and asking me if I was done with blogging and that she really loved how I wrote. Thank you a million times, you just have no idea how that made me feel. I was not actually sure if I was going back to writing on my blog as I was not motivated in the slightest but all your love brought me back.
** Why the bloody hell didn’t you send me those messages sooner?**

Secondly, I want to thank my friends who have supported me this past year, it has been a really interesting year full of obstacles but as we all know, what does not kill you…. 🙂 I am stronger than ever, passionate than ever, more aligned with my destiny than ever and more aware of what I am capable (both positive and negative) than ever!!

It is not quite the end of the year yet and I have gone through so much emotion, I feel like my life has been a Tela novella, me being the broken wounded girl who ends up being boss bitch!! (Sorry, my growth has come with some bad language glitches) So here goes, this is what’s been happening in my life in a couple of paragraphs;

I had plenty of friendships at the beginning of the year and being the ‘open your heart’ kinda girl that I am, I assumed I was dealing with people of the same fabric. Of course in friendships comes rifts but if they are true friendships, then they can be sorted… but when they question your morals, then those friendships gotta go!! I found out that I actually have morals and I can stand my ground when it came to people…see, I did not know that I was capable of doing that.

I spontaneously travelled for love…..yesssss, I said it, love!! I met someone last year on one of my trips and I opened my heart to knowing them. They asked if I wanted to visit and they organised the trip. I did not know that I was that girl who would take a chance on a stranger. I am not endorsing that sort of behaviour but just letting you know what I did, of course with caution. Lot’s of crazy people out there…including me!! hahaha

I took a chance on an opportunity to do something I love without fear of ridicule or failure and that, I am proud of. I have always put people’s opinion before mine for many reasons but this time, I listened, I evaluated and I still followed my instincts because sometimes your dreams are bigger than what others see you accomplishing 🙂

The year has not ended but beautiful people, I am back to rock your world on this very blog with weekly posts.
Thank you again for allowing me to live my dreams by blogging and travelling like my life depended on it. I love you all for your messages, subscriptions and support.

P.S If you love writing and need a channel to share your work, seek no more!! send me a message on the contacts tab.

Love always,