Being a grown up has its perks but mostly, it’s complicated and tricky. You almost have to grow and eye at the back of your head and maybe an extra hand just to make sure that you stay afloat.

You spend most of the time thinking, figuring out loop holes, solving problems and pleasing other people….it all becomes exhausting. I miss the days when all I had to think about is what I was having for lunch or how long to go for the school holidays.

Recently, I’ve been finding it hard to fall asleep as my brain will not let me. Everything has become so serious and important even the things I enjoyed doing seem harmful. I can’t even have ice cream without a sprinkle of guilt.

Why do kids even want to grow up? why? I miss just having a peaceful mind. Never thinking of world hunger, suffering, rent, how not to default on your loan, health insurance, car insurance, house insurance……..All kinds of insurances in general.

How many insurances does one need to have anyway? really? As a grown up, nothing is ever sufficient for you. Enough is not in your vocabulary. Everything has a price, even laughter.

It’s crazy so you might as well take it easy and have as much fun as you can.

My rant for today lovely readers, take it easy, it’s never that bad.

Much love xoxo