Howdy lovelies,

So this past weekend I needed to rejuvenate my mind and soul after a long week of work and a Friday night hangover. I decided to visit Colo I Suva (pronounced tholo-ee-suva.) I went with a couple of friends by bus, it was a twenty minute bus ride from the city and cost 2FJD. When we arrived there, there was a 15 minute brisk walk from the main road to the entry of the rain forest.

The environment was so serene and peaceful and once we begun walking down the walk way with the waterfalls, I understood why the locals described it as a hidden gem. All you could hear while walking down was chirping of birds, the soft swish of the water as it tumbled down the rocks and the youthful sound of kids diving into the pool. Truth be said, the walk was a bit tedious as it was slightly hot but definitely worth the walk once I got into the water.

I would recommend a visit if you want some time out of the hustle and bustle of the city as well as a pocket friendly trip. Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂


Asali xx