You make a stunning entrance in a high end you always do.. wearing that little black dress and those red heels you got on sale that make you look a million bucks. You make your way to a table across a group of handsome middle aged men in suits. As you sit down, you make eye contact with one of the men and instantly, shivers run down your body giving you goose bumps. The last time that happened was when you kissed your first boyfriend… this guy must be some kind of special.

Their suits ooze of money, they must be businessmen or professionals from around the area. You thank your lucky stars that you agreed to having a drink with an old high school friend who worked in an office near this restaurant. As thoughts run through your head of how to approach that man, a bottle of champagne is delivered to your table.

“Maam, Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose Cuvee 2004, a glass for you?” … “Maam?”

you are so caught up in your thoughts that the waiter has to call you again. you wonder who ordered the drink? you know you wouldn’t be able to afford it…it’s name just intimidates you.

“uumm I did not order that !!” you tell the waiter. He points at the group of men sitting across you. You are smitten.

Your friend arrives and you have the drink and it is time to part. The handsome man approaches you and takes your number. Of course, you are happy to give your number. After all, they have been really generous to you. You’ve enjoyed a good drink in an expensive restaurant and haven’t spent a dime.

He contacts you that night and you have a long and meaningful conversation. He tells you he is married to the devil and is in the process of getting a divorce. The only reason he is still with her is for his two young children. You sympathize with him, what kind of woman would want to leave a young, rich, intelligent and handsome businessman. She must be crazy!!

He treats you like a queen, gets you an apartment fully furnished. He even sweetens your girlfriends and they envy you. You ask you lucky stars what you did in your past life to be this lucky. Occasionally, you ask about how his pending divorce is going. He is quick to reassure you with legal jargon and you believe him.

Two years latter, the divorce is still pending… you have chased away all the advances from single men because you are ‘in a relationship’. All the friends who were envious of you are getting married and some have beautiful homes already … you are still in limbo. He hardly takes you out in public unless when he drags you along for a business trip in a different state, he still gives you the same explanations he gave a year ago about his divorce, he has always introduced you as a close friend and on occasion a cousin. It finally dawns on you, he has stringed you along all this time. He will never marry you !!

You have been the other woman and that is all you will always be…. THE OTHER WOMAN

Yours Truthfully,