Hey Lovelies,

Continuing from yesterday when I told ya’ll that my plan was to revenge… I know I am too old to be petty and Yes (Mom) I know that you will tell me I should leave revenge for God but this just had to be done!! I was taking one for the team (women)… I can only imagine how many women he has been terrifying by questions like that so I intended to be the last one.

He had invited me for his friends’ house party and I was intending to go because of my revenge plan but also because I was new in Sydney and very bored… and I was planing to go with a bang!! I was going to slay that party… look so good that it would make him want to ask me out again or try to act all couple like …and when he would, I would tell him…preferably in front of his friends… ‘Sorry, I don’t think this can work… I weighed myself yesterday and I am not just up to 150 kgs, I am over!’ Then I would walk off slowly….because you just have to let it sink in…and also, sometimes too much adrenaline can make you fall in your heels… lol

So the whole week prior to the party, Mr Airport was still chatting to me… he had no clue whatsoever how his life was about to be changed. We were messaging back and forth…sharing memes… he even messaged how much he missed my company and was really looking forward to hanging out at the party!! The plan was going to be EPIC!

I dedicated a whole three days of preparation where I practiced walking in heels because I did not want to end up being the joke lol I got my hair and nails done and then I bought THE DRESS… I really outdid myself, If i put this much effort in my education… I definitely would have had a PhD by now.

On the day of the party, I was so nervous…this was the day I would do my bit for all the women in the world… This was THE day that i would put Mr Airport where he deserved to be…

I got dressed and I was looking SNATCHED!!! Mr Airport picked me up and I was pleased…I could see by his reaction that I had outdone myself. We arrived at the party and once we entered, all eyes were on us (could be because the dress I was wearing was bright red) Guys were nodding their heads at him, ladies were looking at me probably wondering what brand of spanx I was using because I had a flashboard tummy with my 150 kilo thighs…. hmmm it was going to be EPIC!

As we were making our way through the house, Mr Airport suddenly felt the urge to put his hand on my waist like we were a couple…. He no longer wanted to know what my weight was as a prerequisite for his love and acceptance…he was ready here and now… he felt the urgency to claim me in the midst of all the interested eyes surrounding us.

I stopped walking and looked at him, he stopped as well… I was about to finally complete my plan… My blood was boiling and the words were coming quick to my mouth…. I was just about to open my mouth when I sensed importance….. I don’t even know if that is a thing….guys, I sensed IMPORTANCE… like I felt a great urge to keep quiet and turn my head around…my heart was beating so fast, my palm was a bit tingly…I did not even remember Mr Airport was standing next to me… I was feeling a bit dizzy and I think saliva must have been dribbling from my mouth…I don’t know but it kinda felt like that…

Mr X was the Importance I was sensing… he walked right up to Mr Airport and I to say hi… they were friends… Mr Airport clung to me and guess what he introduced me as????

‘hey, what’s up Mr X, how’ve you been? This is my babe…my woman!!!’….. Wow…wow!! I was his woman now!!

Mr Airport introduced me as his ‘Woman’ to Mr X…. Fuck!! I was here ready to revenge and now I think I met the one…I know you guys don’t believe me but I think you know when you know….like his pheromones were so strong and they demanded my attention… he was the one and now that could not happen because Mr bloody Airport had claimed me !!! Revenge was on me…I should have listened to my mother’s advice and left revenge for God.

No no no no no no (Put Kevin Hart’s voice) Cheesos!!! Aye mi, temi bami !! (I am finished!!)

So guys, this is how I met Mr X… find out in the next chronicles what happened after!!

Much love

Asali Mukii xx