Hey lovelies,

It’s been a minute but I’ve had to pay my rent soooo..yeah, I missed you though!!

So anyway, I was chatting with my workmate (we’ll call him Bob) and we were busy sharing our relationship pet peeves…and he goes, ” Sal, I think what I am about to share tops it all..” so I am like, hollup!! lemme get my work wine, I need to be prepared just in case my throat dries up!!

So Bob tells me about a girl he dated a while ago who was just utterly gorgeous … she was just the vision of perfection and was always on point… sort of like the insta slay queens. He had the hots for her for about three years and finally he gathered the courage to ask her out…. and she said YES!

He was beside himself and was just so amazed at how perfect she always looked. Like her hair, make up and nails were always done and he loved that. After three months of dating, he realized that he had never seen miss slay queen without make up….he was not bothered but he just kinda pondered about it every now and then.

Six months down the line, the relationship had gone a couple of levels and she was sleeping over at his place often and still he had never seen her without make up… at this point of the story, I and the other lazy workmates who had neglected their jobs to join in the work banter wanted to know how miss slay queen went to bed… like, did she remove her make up? Did she sleep with her fake eye lashes on? Was her pillow covered in a brown cloud of foundation? We all had tewwwww many questions….

So Bob reveals that she never cleaned her make up, she would just spruce it up before she went to bed and he assumes she would clean it up and re-do it while having a shower in the morning. It started bothering him and so, he decided to confront her about it….He asked her if he could at least see how she looked without make up…

lovelies, you don’t even want to know what happened….their relationship ended…he never got to see his bed buddy without make up…. That’s when you say, that lady got him all fucked up!!

Question to all you men dating slay queens, do you know how she looks like without make up? Just being nosy over here lol