Hey Lovelies,

So I know it’s been a whole week and I left you in suspense regarding Mr X and Mr Airport… this is because I am updating you as life is happening hahahahah for those who thought that it was fiction!! Yes, my life is indeed exciting ūüôā and terrifying at times because I am hanging my laundry out here on the inter-webs lol

Anyway, today¬†I will kind of veer off into a different topic, something I’ve been really thinking about…deeply!! Does one need to know where their partners (or potential partner’s) money¬†is coming from??

I know now you are wondering where I am going with this but I’ve been in situations lovelies…situations that I can’t explain and I want answers or a right to demand for answers. By the way, this has nothing to do with Mr X, just a previous situation that I was in which has made me really aware of being blinded by money. Here goes;

My friend met this guy a while ago who was handsome, charismatic, stylish and God knows…he smelled really good. He really did, like he had me at ‘what drink will you have gorgeous?’ I was sold. Of course, being na√Įve and all, I spoke highly about him to my friend. All men want¬†the best friend of the girl they are toasting to like them…and I did. He was just amazing and they suited each other. My friend and I both assumed that he was working some top end corporate job or had his own business because he was really well presented…¬†¬†to the finer details like his watch and his cufflinks. A group of us hang out with him for the next few weeks after he met my friend and it was so much fun… he paid for drinks, food, tours…anything we wanted, you name it, he would pay for it.

He was loaded… I would have been naming holidays and shit lol but my friend is so reserved… so drinks and dinners were the standard. I noticed this guy was on his phone an awful lot and he would not talk with us around… he would always walk away… his calls always seemed so serious too… like he never laughed or smiled on the phone… I was a bit suspicious but I did not really even believe my gut… he just seemed like such a nice guy.

Anyhoo, after holiday mode was over and work got busy… my friend told me that he was still around and always free…like he worked from home but she was not sure what he did. He just told her that he did ‘business’ and left it at that. I even tried to ask him what kind of business because with the kind of life he was living, I was interested to join in…. if this guy told me it was¬†Amway or some other pyramid scheme… I definitely would have joined in…. he was visibly living the dream!! His penthouse was the first ever penthouse I visited… with a doorman and all!!

My friend trusted him and stopped asking about where the money was coming from… who was I then to continue… I was also a recipient of that money so… the dollars blinded me too.. and his charm of course. This guy could talk a snake out of a hole… he was that good… We both trusted him. He then asked my friend if he could use her bank details to transfer some money… because his internet banking was not working, she was like.. ok, I mean, what’s not to trust? A large sum went in and like the obedient girlfriend she was, she withdrew the amount and gave it to him… so this arrangement became frequent and he would compensate her…

Well, this story ends abruptly… the guy travels abroad and at this point my friend has moved in with the guy… she turns on the TV one morning and guess what? Her mister is on the news being ushered into a foreign police car with other suspects… allegedly caught for fraud. Shortly after, cops come to their apartment and she is detained as well… so she calls me from the station….

Am like…aaaaaahhhhh, lesson learned….. I gotta add ‘checking financials’ to my dating checklist now.

Then I blocked my friends number lol JUST JOKING GUYS!!

Asali Mukii