Hey Lovelies,

So continuing from yesterday, I will begin to tell you the story of how I met Mr. X

It is a story full of ‘WTF’ and ‘Is it only me who is offended by this ?’ as well as ‘hmmmm’s and screw you buddy!!’

So some time last year, I was at the Sydney international airport coming back home from a trip overseas. If anyone has seen me in the airport, they would know that I don’t get dressed to impress, I get dressed for comfort. I am usually in track pants or tights with a loosely fit t-shirt and sneakers….heck, this is pretty much how I dress daily!! lol Annnyyyway, I had already claimed my luggage and was making my way to the bus stand to wait for the bus that would take me to the last leg of my journey. Since it was winter in Australia, I was seated inside the airport right next to the power points. I was exhausted and sweaty (due to my economy class levels) and was really looking forward to having a long shower and binge watching something on Netflix…. so you can kind of imagine how I was looking and how NOT bothered I was about anything and everything.

A guy, possibly in his late twenties approached me… Just letting you know that there were other people there charging their phones as well… anyway, this guy walked directly to me and said, ‘Hi, can you help me?’

I’ve been told (by my sister) that I am very gullible and I should stop it… and it is true, I have been known to mess myself over helping other people because I felt pity for them… Like the one time I was travelling to Kenya and was transiting in Thailand where a Kenyan lady approached me in line and asked if I could carry her bags while she got her other bags weighed at the front because she had more bags than usual….and I did!!!! until later on I found out that people do that to people sometimes when they are carrying drugs and notice authority walking around! lol anyway, It was not the case and I was not caught with drugs but that is how gullible I am, I stood with this particular lady’s bags until she came back for them.

Moving on swiftly so this guy has approached me and asked me for help, alarm bells are running through my head but I still asked him what I could help him with. He told me that his phone was dead and the power points were not the same so he could not charge his phone and he needed to call his friend who was the only person he knew in Australia. As if this was my job, I immediately set out to help him. I tried finding out if anyone had the charger for his phone but no one did so I asked him if he had his friend’s number, and he produced a piece of paper with the number written. I gave him my phone and he made the call. He thanked me after and went on his way…. That was that!!

A year later, which is mid this year, two days after I came back from Fiji and put back my sim card, I got a call from a random number….. Guess who it was??? Yes, you are right, it was Mr Airport.

Mr Airport had settled in the country and thought of me a couple of times and decided to call me and thank me for assisting him at a vulnerable time. He mentioned that he chose to ask me because I had a kind face… yes he really said that!!! I know haters will object lol  Prior to asking me, he had actually asked a number of people and everyone said they could not help him.

We chatted for a while and I then told him that I had got a job in Sydney and would be moving there soon. He got really excited and told me that he would love to take me out for dinner as a formal thank you for assisting him a year ago…. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, I moved to Sydney and met up with Mr Airport for dinner. It was really nice and the conversation was flowing…. until he suddenly dropped a massive bomb question, ‘How much do you weigh anyway, is it up to 150 Kilos?’  Jesu!!!!

I just swallowed the food in my mouth with anticipation of what I was about to projectile word vomit at him…. but the words could just not come out of my mouth…


Lovelies, this story is long so I will continue tomorrow!!

Till then,

Asali Mukii xoxo