Hey Lovelies,

So, continuing from my post yesterday about me perhaps dating someone, I want to pose a question to all you curious lovelies…. ‘Does it matter where you meet your potential partner?’

I have often been told that location is very important when it comes to meeting your forever after and how you meet and start off sets the tone of the relationship. However, I have a number of friends who have met their partners in not so ideal locations but are happy as fuck. I know of a beautiful couple who met on tinder and they appear to be soul mates… I literally almost fell off my chair when they told me they met on tinder… I’ve heard of scary tinder stories and it was really nice to get a positive one for once. I definitely know that I cannot go searching online because I have a fear of meeting a creepy stalker or being the creepy stalker lol

Could it be that they are the exception to the rule?

I also know plenty of couples who met in night clubs…but most of them are slightly older because night clubs these days are kinda risky. A lot of people there are not looking for long-term relationships…just short term hit and go!! Some of the other not so bad locations that I’ve heard about are;

Couples who’ve met at work (I would not personally date a work colleague because I have two different personalities lol story for another day!)

Couples who’ve met at weddings (I think for me this is the ideal because you get to meet your partner when both of you are emotional and envious of the lovely couple getting married. So the tone of the relationship starts with the idea of forever after)

Couples who’ve met at gyms (This is not me at all, If there was only a place people could go to watch Netflix together and meet up…sigh!!)

So anyway, I could go on and on about all the interesting locations but do you guys think that it matters how you meet? Because how I met Mr. X is not really conventional and I want to tell you all but I know you are just waiting to judge me…..

Please tell me of different locations you’ve met your partners and if it was worthwhile and I will tell you where I met Mr. X

Till my next post tomorrow,

Asali Mukii