Hey Lovelies,

I am so pumped up and excited today because I found the best coffee in my hometown at ASILI in Canberra… Yeeeeeeesss lovelies, and I want all of you who live in Canberra or are visiting Canberra soon to go and have a try. I promise, you will fall in love!! You will definitely fall in love with not only the coffee but the overall vibe of the coffee spot.

Johnson and Butch
Johnson and Butch

The café is called ASILI (similar to my name!!) which is a Swahili word meaning ‘origin’ or ‘essence’ and their mantra is *Food*Coffee*Ubuntu. For all you lovelies who are wondering what Ubuntu means, it is an African term which means compassion, humanity and togetherness.
I ordered a caramel latte and a chakalaka jaffle but I got way more than that. First and foremost, I have to say that the three young men who served me were so joyous and passionate about what they did. They seemed to know everyone who went past and would cheerfully greet them by name. I noticed they had a lot of return customers who knew the three baristas by name and they would order their coffee and have a chat about their day.

I kid you not, I do not know how they remember all those people’s names as well as their favourite orders. I was there with my sister Nimo who is a very picky eater. She usually does not try different things but Butch, who is one of the baristas and part owner, got her to try a soy chai latte which she just loved and would not stop raving about way after we had left.

Butch and Tawanda
Butch and Tawanda

I was fortunate enough to get some time to chat to the two guys who own ASILI; Butch from South Africa and Johnson from Kenya. They are friends who attended university together and decided to open a coffee spot with a special touch from their home countries as well as other African countries.

In truth, ASILI does capture the essence of Ubuntu which is sharing joy and human kindness… I left there feeling like my soul as well as my stomach had been replenished…

ASILI gave me the feeling of my home (Kenya) and it is something that happens rarely here in Canberra.
Please go and visit them whenever you find yourself in Canberra city, you will not be disappointed!!
Click on the links below to add them on FB and Instagram. Their address is: 29 Garema Pl, Canberra ACT 2601

ASILI Instagram

Meet you at ASILI’s soon lovelies 🙂
With love,
Asali xx