Ariana Miyamoto exudes grace, beauty and elegance, the first biracial or ‘Hafu’ (Japanese word for mixed race), to win Miss Universe Japan.

Ariana’s win has sparked controversy, some saying that they should have chosen someone who looks ‘Japanese’, others saying that it is a publicity stunt while a minority viewing the choice as a sign that Japan is slowly starting to embrace diversity.

With her confidence, you would think that she has never encountered any sort of racism but to the contrary, that was the main reason she decided to be in the pageant. She stated that as a young child, both parents and students would either refuse to touch her or talk to her referring to her as a ‘Kurombo’ which is the Japanese equivalent of the N-word.

In my opinion, I think it’s great that they chose her. She has as much right to claim her Japanese heritage as the rest of Japan’s citizens. She has been raised in Japan all her life, her colour should not be what determines her nationality.

Good on the Judges for making that choice…publicity stunt or not !! It has brought race relations to the table especially in a country that considers itself as mono-ethnic.

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