Dear Sal,

I am writing this letter full of hope, joy, anticipation and determination that when you look back at this letter, you will smile and remember the courage and spirit that has driven you to where you are.

I hope that you are still at awe from the amazing love that the creator has for you. I hope that his love has lit the deepest and darkest parts of your being.

I hope that you have had the courage to follow your dreams, face your fears and stand a victor in taking charge of your life. I hope that you have found true peace and your language to humanity is love.

I know that in five years life will change……for the good or bad? I don’t know! I can only hope that you have learned to stand tall and be brave, that you have learned to fight for what you believe in and most of all, you have learned to believe in your self.

I hope that life hasn’t made you too dull to forget to smell the coffee and enjoy the sun. I hope you still laugh like a cow and enjoy a good cry.

I hope that you still enjoy long awkward hugs and appreciate the dreaded ‘I told you so’ from your sister Mimz.

Most of all, I hope that you have created and followed your own path, enjoying every little hurdle that you have crossed. Lastly, I hope you inspired other people to appreciate their uniqueness and follow their own path.

If by circumstance you did not achieve any of these, it’s ok. You believed in the possibilities that you had the power to make your life amazing and that was more than many have done.

Much Love xx