Love can easily be compared to a drug because it often seems to have the same effects. To be clear, not the prescription kind of drug, more like the drug that you buy from the street ‘pharmacist’ who graduated from ‘Quick Money University’. You know…that potent drug that gives you a high that makes you feel like your brain is combusting.

In my opinion, Love is definitely like that….the addiction is quick and easy but the withdrawals are long and painful. In saying that, love is the greatest feeling one can have and is worth not giving up on.

Something to note is that love comes in all forms. It can be love for your self, for your partner, family, friends and even life. In your daily pursuit of Love, don’t forget to notice all the different forms love finds way to you; otherwise you might be pushing one form of love away while chasing another in the end losing both.

These are my 5 awesome reasons why you should not give up on Love;

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  1. Love is actually good for your health.


According to Dr. Cynthia Thaik from the Huffpost Healthy Living, the feeling of love helps produce Oxytocin which is also know as the ‘feel good’ hormone. Love also causes your brain to produce norepinephrine and dopamine which are hormones associated with adrenaline. These hormones increase your feelings of pleasure, excitement and joy.

  1. Searching for Love is an amazing thing

The fact that one is searching means that they have hope that what they are searching for can be achieved. In saying this, if your reasons for searching in the first place are not aligned positively, you might never be satisfied with what you find. For instance, if you are searching for love because a few of your friends seem to have found love already, one is engaged and another just go married a few months ago and you feel the need to keep up, the competition will never end. You will always be of the opinion that your friends have something that you don’t have.

  1. Self love can take you places

Self love can figuratively and literally take you to far destinations that you would have never imagined existed. In my opinion, loving yourself is the most important life journey one will ever embark on. It is a path to self enlightenment. Understanding and accepting yourself in all your forms makes you a more confident and unique individual.

  1. Good things happen when you are right on the edge of destruction

It is quite easy to fall in a rut of sadness and grieve for legitimate reasons. As they say, once bitten twice shy. However, it is in these moments when you have nothing to look forward to and everything looks hopeless and broken that something new and beautiful blooms. So don’t give up and hold on just a little longer. A bad ending can be a beautiful beginning.

  1. Lastly, you’ll never know if you don’t try

This can easily apply to everything in life. Sometimes you have to take a risk and make that first step. It might not work out but how about if it does. Just like the lotto slogan, ‘ you have to be in it to win it.’ Have a little faith that things will work out and if they don’t, what the heck!! at least you gave it a go.

I hope you never give up on Love !!

Till next time xoxo