You are in your 20’s and everything is so exciting to begin with. You are independent or getting there, you have big dreams and countless friends, you still have a pretty firm body and you can eat anything and everything. You have major dreams that you talk about whenever you go drinking and all your photos are followed by #yolo

Well, like all the other stages of life, this stage goes by pretty fast and once the excitement settles, you realise you’ve done a lot of messing up!!

If you are reading this and have made all or some of this mistakes… is ok, you are not alone 🙂

1.Spending money carelessly

At this point in your life, you finally have money of your own to spend on whatever you want. You might not have kids yet or any responsibilities and you have a stable job with a constant income so what do you do? You spend!! You go clubbing three nights a week and buy expensive cocktails and wine; you buy designer shoes and clothes and eat out every day of the weak. At the end of the financial year you get your pay summary and you swear you did not earn all that money because you have saved nothing close to that or maybe even, have nothing in your account. Well, we have all done this and it is ok. I actually wish I started saving part of my money from when I got my first job as a teenager. I would be writing an article on investment options….oh well!!

2.Never saying No

People- pleasing has been one of the hardest habits to break for me. I was always that one person who said yes to everything then I would find my day filled with other peoples’ tasks to complete then someone else would get the credit. Don’t do it and if you still are, STOP!! You need to learn to say no and stop people from stepping over you. People always have a way of knowing that you will not say no, that is why they feel so comfortable asking you to do things you should not be doing. This goes to all aspects of life, you need to have your stand and not feel guilty about it!

3.Sticking to a dead end job

This is slightly hard to talk about because sometimes you really need that crappy job and other times you feel like the time is not right or there is nothing better out there. I believe that the difference between successful people and the rest is that they are always searching. A lot of young people short change themselves because they believe they are not good enough. They settle for jobs they hate and actually end up losing more than they gain. They lose skills, potential money, connections and overall happiness. I am not saying that we should all go quit our jobs…I am saying, if it does not nourish your soul…keep searching!!

4.Forfeiting the gym for pizza

I had to put this on my list of mistakes…. I used to think I would never get bigger than what I was…20 Kgs later, I am addicted to peri peri chiken pizza and I can’t run to the end of my street. If you are in your early 20’s, please keep exercising and never stop. For the life of me, I can’t get myself to start again. That pizza juju is strong!!

5.Ignoring your gut instincts

You know that feeling you have at the pit of your tummy? that voice in your head, those random dreams…sometimes called intuition? do not ignore them. You hear stories of people who have been abused saying they saw signs or they had a feeling that something was not right. I’ve met a couple of people that my inner being has yelped for me to run away but I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt and regretted later. We all have that sixth sense that we have learned to ignore, I would urge you to get in touch with it and trust it…. Thank me later!!

6.Keeping unhealthy relationships

I used to have friends who would put me down but I still wanted to hang with them. I had one particular friend who got upset that my then boyfriend chose to date me. Like she just could not understand and figure out why he loved me… I began to think like that and I doubted him too cause I could not figure out why he loved me. I was friends with her kind for a long time and I sabotaged a lot of good relationships throughout that period. It took me a while to figure it out; to love myself and trust that I was good enough and deserving of everything nice. We all meet this kind of people who are enemies to our progress… if you see one; cut them out of your life ASAP guilt free. Thank me later!!

7.Fear of following your dreams

I wish I had the courage to follow my dreams in my early twenties because I literally had nothing to lose and also because those are the same dreams that I still have now. I pursued a lot of dreams but it is kind of funny because the one dream I did not pursue is the one thing I know I am amazing at. I think deep down I was afraid of failing at what I was good at as well as disappointing my family and friends. I still feel a bit of sadness that I still care what my friends and family think but I am working on that. I am working on being brave and accepting that I am human and bound to make major mistakes. If you have something that you’ve wanted to do like a business or a hobby, I will advise you to hang out with other people who are passionate about their dreams too. It will rub off on you and trust me, if you want it as bad as you think you do… you will get it done!!

With Love,
Asali xx